Saturday, August 21, 2010

A few new cards . . .

Besides my layout for our October workshops, I was also assigned the 5 card workshop. Two of the cards I posted a few weeks ago and one I posted way back in November. I loved it so much I decided to repurpose it for customers to make if they wanted to.

The first one I'd like to show you is a card seriously inspired by Vicki Wizniuk ( long time ago. I made it in the past for myself but it requires quite a bit of time to cut all the flower layers, etc. so I never offered it for customers. But we only live, once, right? So, in October everyone will have the opportunity to cut 'til their heart's content.

The second card I designed on my own but have found inspiration for this one in many places.

To get the sunset, I simply started at the bottom by sponging Creme Brulee ink and then transitioned into Sunflower, then Orange, and then the new Sunset color.


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  1. Both of your cards are very nice! May have to do some 'stamp lifting' for my card workshop. :)