Baby Milestone Layouts

Welcome to our new Baby Milestones workshop!  All of these pages are available as kits for $6 each for two page layouts or $3 for one pagers.  You can purchase these layouts through Tanya or Marla and complete them on your own time or come to any crop or playdate if you'd like some guidance. 

All instructions are included on this page for those of you completing the pages on your own time.  Please let us know if you have any questions.  These pages are all available while supplies last!

Tanya and Marla  ( OR

Glimpses of You

Supplies Needed:
Grey Wool ink pad, Grey Flannel ink pad, Sweet Leaf ink pad, corner rounder, scissors, foam squares, glue dots

1. Round the one corner on the 9x9 grey piece. Round two corners on the Sweet Leaf green and white journaling box pieces.
2. Edge the lighter grey base pages with the Grey Flannel ink pad. Edge the white journaling box lightly in Grey Flannel as well.
3. Edge the darker grey pieces with the Grey Wool ink pad.
4. Edge the green journaling box with Sweet Leaf ink as well as the green paper ribbon.
5. Fold the paper ribbon by overlapping sections over themselves. Cut the ends to look like ribbon ends.
6. Attach the papers to the base, excluding the title and the elephant.
7. Cut out the elephant that you wish to be the dominant color - pink or blue. But out just the ear of the leftover elephant and attach it to your full elephant. Attach this to the ribbon with foam squares.
8. Tie a piece of the yellow ribbon (may be a different color in your kit) and glue dot it to the journaling box. Tie another piece to the "u".
9. Attach the "YOU" to the page.
10. Using the waxy flax, thread the buttons (this is a good step to skip if you don't like putzy details). Attach the buttons to the page with glue dots. Please note: you will not have the same exact colors and sizes of buttons as shown in the picture.

*    *    *    *    *    *    * 



Baby Shower
Supplies needed:
Chocolate ink pad, Crystal Blue ink, sponge, paper piercer, scissors, foam squares, glue dots

1. Edge all off white cardstock with a sponge dipped in chocolate ink.
2. Edge all blue pieces with a sponge dipped in Crystal Blue ink.
3. Attach all papers to the page as shown.
4. Cut out the umbrella, umbrella handle, and chicks.
5. Attach as shown. I used foam squares under the umbrella top and two of the chicks.
6. Attach the button brads and the photo clip as shown.
7. Tie a bow and attach the umbrella base with a glue dot.

*    *    *    *    *   *


Brand New
Supplies Needed:
Chocolate ink pad, piercing tool, sandpaper, scissors, Hollyhock marker, corner rounder, glue dots

1. Using your corner rounder, round the edges of the two pink top pieces and the two bottom stripe pieces in the appropriate corners.
2. Edge the sides of the stripe strips, the floral strips, and the pink strips with Chocolate ink.
3. Lightly sand the Hollyhock scallop borders.
4. Attach the papers you just distressed to the Chocolate base pages as shown with the white photo holders. (I edged these in Chocolate but it's unnecessary as they'll be covered with your photos.)
5. Attach the Hollyhock ricrac.
6. Cut out the letters "NEW".
7. Tie the pink ribbon around the N.
8. Attach NEW to the top of the page.
9. Using the Hollyhock marker, color in the letters BRAND on your alphabet sticker sheet.
10. Attach these letters to the page.
11. Sort the like scalloped circles into piles. There should be 4 circles in the small piles and 5 in the medium and large piles.
12. For the large Hollyhock cardstock scallop circles, sand both sides.
13. Stack the like pieces together and pierce the center. Put a brad through the middle to keep them together.
14. Crumple the layers inward so the top layer is crumpled furthest to the center and the further down the stack you go, the closer to the edge the "petals" sit. Arrange the petals to your liking.
15. Take the Olive green strip(s) and fold them lengthwise (hot dog).
16. Cut half-leaf shapes from them so when unfolded, you have a whole leaf. Cut as many as desired.
17. While the leaf is still folded in half, give it a loose accordian fold to create "veins".
18. Unfold the leaves and sand lightly with sandpaper.
19. Attach the flowers and leaves to your page with glue dots or adhesive of your choice.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


Smile Awhile

Supplies needed:
Chocolate ink pad, sponge, corner rounder, glue dots

1. Round the corners of the white cardstock.
2. Sponge chocolate ink on the edges of the white cardstock, the blue, the green, and the pink.
3. Attach the pink scallop to the edge of the brown photo mat.
4. Tie the ribbon around the blue photo mat.
5. Adhere all paper as shown.
6. Add the die cut flowers at random.
7. Attach the brown buttons with glue dots.

*    *    *    *    *    *


On a Roll . . .
Supplies Needed:
Sunflower marker, scissors, piercing tool, foam squares, edge distresser, 1/8" hole punch, Twilight ink pad, Sunflower ink pad

1. Using the edge distresser, edge the sides of all green papers to rough them up.
2. Using the Twilight ink pad, edge the sides of the Twlight blue base page.
3. Edge the sides of the white journaling box with the Sunflower ink.
4. Take the small yellow 1" strips, fold them in half, and put your brad through them. Attach these tabs to one of the green photo mats (or slide them under after the photo mats are adhered).
5. Adhere all the paper down on the page as shown above - leaving out the gears and arrow that need to be cut yet.
6. Add the photo clip to the top right hand side of the journaling box.
7. Using the Sunflower marker, color in the letters for your title, including the dots on several "i"'s and "j"s. Also color a small area of the leftover sticker border and punch three 1/8" holes for the "brads" on the bottom left hand side of the paper.
8. Add your title and the sticker brads.
9. Cut out the gears and the arrow.
10. Attach the three largest gears with your adhesive.
11. Attach the two smaller gears and the arrow with foam tape.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Sitting Tall

Supplies needed:
sandpaper, foam squares

1. Sand the green base page, the orange photo mat, and the blue and red circle/scallops under the frog.
2. Attach the paper as shown. Start with the bottom strip piece and then lay the photo mat on top but do not adhere. Next attach the yellow dotted sheets and then the blue. After that, attach the top striped sheet. Finally, attach the photo mats.
3. Attach the frog to the red circle with foam tape. Glue the circle to the scallop. Glue a small red heart by him.
4. Cut out the red heart tab on the photo frame and attach. I adhered the bottom of the tab directly to the photo mat and then put a foam square under the rest to give it dimension.
5. Attach the title from the sheet of alphabet stickers.
6. Attach the small heart next to the title.

*    *    *    *    *    *

Sitting Pretty

Supplies needed:
sandpaper, stylus and trimmer OR Scor-Pal, piercing tool
1. Create embossed lines on the Amethyst (light purple) cardstock by scoring with a style in the trimmer well or a Scor-Pal every 1/2".
2. Sand all the cardstock with the exception of the white photo mat.
3. Attach the paper as shown, starting at the bottom. Once you have the first Amethyst piece in place, lay the black photo mat where is will go but do not attach. Next adhere the green and yellow sides pieces and finally the top Amethyst piece. THEN go back and attach the black photo mat, with the green scallop piece already adhered to the backside.
4. Lay the white ricrac and attach with brads. Use the piercing tool to get through the ribbon.
5. Lay the flowers and attach the paper with brads.
6. Adhere the title with the alphabet stickers.

*    *    *    *    *    *

Standing Solo

Supplies Needed:
Pear ink pad, Crystal Blue ink pad, corner rounder, scissors, paper piercer

Instructions:1. Edge the 5 x 7 Pear green photo mat with Pear ink.
2. Edge the Crystal Blue base paper with Crystal ink.
3. Attach the plaid, scalloped piece to the blue base.
4. Taking your 3 strips or polka dotted Sorbet paper and start folding in a loose pattern of about 1/2" to 1" segments on top, fold the strip under, and then create another loose fold that comes out 1/2" to 1" from that fold. Repeat this procedure until you have a full 12" strip of folds. When you run short of paper on one strip, simply tuck the end of another strip into a fold of the one you're working with and continue. I like to glue down the folds as I go to make it easier to work with.
5. Using your paper piercer, attach the Sorbet corduroy brads to the ends of the pleated strips.
6. I used foam tape over the back of my entire piece of Pear photo mat to keep it smooth over the pleated strip. However, once you put a picture on the photo mat you won't notice bumps in it so it's up to whether or not you'd like to raise it up. Either way, attach.
7. Round the corners of your journaling piece and attach to the layout.
8. Cut out the clipboard clip and tie the ribbon around it. (A 3/4" circle punch will take the center out perfectly.)
9. Attach the clip on the photo mat.
10. Attach the brads in the upper right hand corner.

*    *    *    *    *    *    *