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New for 2011: Card Club!

Because so many people LOVE Calendar Club, this year we're introducing a Card Club to our regular schedule. Each month you'll make two cards and each of them will feature a different technique. As a Card Club member, you'll also decorate a recipe box toward the end of the year to use as a card keeper. By December you'll have 24 cards (and 24 new techniques to your credit) and a beautiful little box to hold them in. All this for only $3 per month! What a wonderful Christmas gift to give or keep for yourself.

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Spinner Card

Looking for more information about spinner cards and how they work?  Check out this video on YouTube:

For the large brown flower, I crushed it in the plam of my hand and then sanded it for a little extra texture - the rest of the card should be pretty simple to figure out.  Enjoy!

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