Miscellaneous Projects

Sydney's Banner

My neice, Sydney, turns 1 in just a few short weeks.  Because my sister isn't a scrapper or papercrafter herself, I try to make sure Sydney has a scrapbook of her own (thus the Baby Milestone workshop was born), as well as some other homemade items.  When I saw the new chipboard banner, I knew I really wanted to make Sydney a little gift for her cute-as-a-button brown and pink room.

When my two oldest kids saw this, they got kind of jealous so it looks like I'll be making a few more.  And who knows, maybe all of my neices and nephews will be getting these little treasures to hang above their beds.  They are so cute and go together pretty quickly so . . . why not! 

Level 1 Wings Board Book

Disclaimer: this book, as adorable as it is, is not my work.  It is the design of my friend and co-consultant Beckie Lehman.

I cannot believe how easy this book was to put together!  Beckie is a genius.  This little board book consists of a Level 1 paper kit covering a board book, with additional ribbon and some black mini-medleys mixed in.  I LOVE it!

Lucky Banner Book

Another disclaimer: This banner book was designed by my friend and co-consultant Kristy Schoon.  What a unique idea Kristy had!  When my husband saw this told me I should make an album like this for Packer fans.  What can I say . . .  he's got the SuperBowl on his mind.  But this would make an awfully cute momento for anyone who attends the superbown or any game, really, or maybe a rememberance for a special season of a child's sport. 

Like Beckie's book, this album uses a Level 1 kit as it's base with a few additional embellishments.  The pages themselves are the new banner chipboard with jump rings to hold everything together.

This is Love
Remember that song from the early 90's by Haddaway called "What is Love? (Baby don't hurt me)"? Well, everytime I see this layout that song pops in my head. But instead of "What is Love?", I substitute "This is Love" and then insert jerky Jim Carrey moves a'la SNL.

OK, that was probably too much information! I am excited about this layout, though, as it's my first one using papers from the new catalog!!!! This paper is entitled "Wings" and is just gorgeous. And see the word "love"? That's the new Bohemian Alphabet, my most favorite product of the entire catalog :)

I designed this page for Tanya Cline's home party this coming Saturday. I hope they love it!


Oh, Christmas Tree!

Oh my goodness, what happened to December?!?!?! I took a little bit of a break and man did it fly by! But I'm feeling refreshed and ready for a brand new year of scrapbooking.

I do hope that you all had a super Christmas like we did. I think we don't have too many years left of the kids being giddy over the holidays so I'm trying to enjoy them while they last.

Despite my little scrap hiatus, I did do a home party for Brandy in December. We make a simple little Christmas page.

The layout is a from the new Magic book (which I adore), the paper is from the Mistletoe collection, and the stamps are A-dorn-ables and Tiny Typewriter.

I hope you enjoy.