Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Special Thank-You

Last October when I started this blog, I told all my readers that my goal over the next year was to earn CTMH's free cruise. Well, by golly, not only did I do it but I did it seven weeks earlier than I needed to. I'm so excited and so proud of myself because it was A LOT of hard work this past year. However, I would be remiss if I didn't offer a special "thank you" to all my customers ... you're the real reason I'll be on the boat next March. Honestly, friends, I couldn't have done it without you and I'll be forever grateful that you all stepped in and helped me reach such a tremendous goal.

The end of one goal has me looking ahead to next year's goals. The new cruise earning period, which starts in October, has me thinking about whether or not I'd like to do it all over again and take my husband to Hawaii in 2012. Because Colette and Marla and I restructured the Hostess Clubs / Workshops, it will be a lot harder to earn a trip to Hawaii solely based on sales like I earned this cruise. Will I go for it? Probably! But I take comfort in knowing that I have a few weeks to think it over and start coming up with a creative strategy for myself.

Again, thank you loyal customers and friends for your help over the past year. I'll be thinking of you all as I'm sitting on a beach the Bahamas or taking a hike through St. Thomas :)

Take care,

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  1. Congratulations Tanya! That is an amazing accomplishment. I remember when you just signed up with Carol - you've really taken off. -Cyndi Weinaug