Saturday, August 21, 2010

Triple Play . . . a different way!

While I love the patterns and colors in the Triple Play promotion currently being offered by CTMH, I'm not much of a mini-album girl. (Just between you and me, I'm not really THAT into any papercraft that comes between me and my scrapbook layouts!)

So, when I saw a few other consultants doing other things with their albums, I decided to try for myself. This first item it a little note card set. The shell of the album becomes a case for the cards and the cards themselves are made from the insides of the album. This idea and the the design was very inspired (okay, pretty much CASE'd) from Gloria Rogers.

This next layout is one that I vaguely recall seeing somewhere but I didn't get a good look. I decided to try my hand at it the other day and am thrilled with the results. I took the pieces of the album, which is comprised of (9) 4" x 4" segments. I cut them up into 3" x 3" pieces and made a page from the new Magic Interactive Layout book. I love how this page, which I made for my new baby neice, has the feeling of a patchwork quilt.

I hope this post has showed you a few ways to think outside the box with this cute little album set that you can get through the end of September at a great price. (See information in the sidebar for more details.)

Have a great weekend everyone!

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