Tuesday, April 6, 2010

It's a Miracle (that I've got all these pages and cards done!)

I just love the Close to My Heart's new "Miracle" scrapbook kit, which was designed for the upcoming National Scrapbooking Month in May. (To find out how to get yours in a few weeks, see my sidebar information.)

This kit has been packaged with instructions for two scrapbook layouts. For mine I choose to use pictures of my new niece, Sydney, as the papers are so soft and cozy - just like she is. It still needs some journalling done but I want my sister to do that part.

The butterflies, frames, brackets, etc. are "irresistable" chipboard . . . I simply sponged my accent color of choice on them and an embossed pattern resisted the ink to make a pattern in the chipboard. There was also a page of beautiful Stickese and an entire packet of mini-midley accents. Oh, and my favorite - Flip Flaps! PLUS, I had enough paper leftover to make some gorgeous cards! I finished six last night but I could have made at least another two with the leftover paper . . .

Sorry for the blurry pictures. My camera is broken so I'm borrowing my sister's old one. Even at that, I have to admit it was practically the middle of the night when I took them and I didn't really care about clarity at the time.

Anyway, my kids are off of school for the rest of the week and driving me a little bonkers. I'm SOOOOOO looking forward to the new catalogs coming today - just in time for a nice quiet time for everyone in their rooms :)

I hope YOU can enjoy the rest of your week!

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