Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dana's a Star!

If you follow my blog, or if you scroll down, you'll probably see that this post is a partial duplication. At the beginning of the month I shared "You're a Star" in the "Sue's a Star" post. This page was for Sue's home show. Dana is doing a home show as well and agreed to use this page for her gathering too (the page we are making at the gathering uses Flip Flaps, but they are hard to photograph). However, for both Sue and Dana I made a second page to go with the page we made with their friends and family, and I thought I'd share Dana's with you. I forgot to take a picture of Sue's but I think it was something like this!

Next up . . . I need to create something unique for Kelly and Tanya C's gatherings as I'm getting tired of the You Rock papers!

Thanks, everyone, for hosting shows this month!

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