Monday, December 21, 2009

A sick Christmas?

Well, I knew it was going to be a rough year for illnesses this year but who could account for all the health problems my friends would encounter this week? In the span of just seven days, my Father-in-law had a quickly scheduled surgery and two of my Close to My Heart friends had emergency surgeries. And another had a baby about a month early - not exactly a health problem but I need a card a little sooner than anticipated. So I'm working my tail off to try and get three "Get Well Soon" and a "Congrats" cards made and in the mail in between getting my Christmas cards sent.

I finshed two of the cards on Saturday and, even though they are pattern duplicates, I thought I'd share them both with you. The first one uses a bit of paper and some stamps from the new Felicity collection . . .

the inside and envelope . . .

A simple, slightly more masculine version for my FIL . . .

Nothing too fancy but it gets my good wishes across. Well, off to make some more cards! I think I'll make extras this time, just in case :)

Get well soon to all my ailing friends . . .


  1. Very nice - really like all the patterns on the bird card.

  2. You've done some beautiful projects with Felicity! Very nice!