Thursday, November 19, 2009

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas (and then 4 days to myself to do nothing but scrapbook . . .)

If you are too, then listen up . . . it's retreat time again!

We're going to do something completely different this year and Colette and I think you'll be very happy with the changes! Here are the details . . .

WHO: You and your scrapping friends
WHAT: An ENTIRE weekend of Scrapbooking (or reading or shopping or whatever)
WHERE: Peshtigo River Rentals in Crivitz
WHY: A weekend of no cooking, no cleaning, no chauffeurring, and no refereeing. Doesn't that sound beautiful?
WHEN: Friday, January 8th - Sunday, January 10th (with Thursday add-on)

Now for the changes. This retreat we'll have a total of 13 condos that we have access to. The price for the retreat will be broken up into two parts . . . lodging and meals. For lodging, the price will be $350 PER CONDO. Each condo sleeps 4-6 people (depending on desire to share the queen/king size bed, sleep on sofa beds, etc.) You and your roommates can choose how many people to take in and I'll match you up with the right condo for your group. There are adjoining condos so if your group is larger than 6 people, we can still accommodate you! If you do not have as many roommates as you'd like, let me know and I'll hook you up.

Anyone wishing to add Thursday on to their weekend can for a price of just $60 PER CONDO. If three people in your condo stay this extra night, the cost is just $20 per person. If you wish to stay this additional day, please find like-minded roommates to share the cost for that night as no "bed jockeying" is allowed. The facility can lose it's license if guests are sleeping on soiled sheets.

The second part of your cost for the weekend is meals, etc. This cost will be $40 per person and will include lunch, dinner, snacks, and beverages and will help defer the costs of other supplies and expenses. Since there are full kitchens in the condos, you'll be on our own for breakfast, allowing everyone to get up and get going at their own pace. If you wish to stay Thursday as well, your cost for meals, supplies, etc. will be $50.

So, here are some actual numbers for you. Remember, these can vary based on your choices;

Stay Friday - Sunday with 4 roommates and your cost is $127.50
Stay Friday - Sunday with 5 roommates and your cost is $110
Stay Thursday - Sunday with 4 roommates and your cost is $152.50

This price is definitely less than last year's retreat and we're sure you all appreciate that. If it's still too high but you'd like to join us, you can send hints to your mother-in-law about the great Christmas gift this would make :)

A $50 deposit will be due as soon as possible so we can reserve the entire facility for the weekend. The balance will be due January 2nd.

The area where we will be scrapping, Black Bear Hall, is not attached to the condos but is only a very short walk to get there. We will have this entire hall, which can typically hold 150 guests, all to ourselves. Each person will have a 6" table, a padded chair, and a lamp to work by at night, if necessary. There is a good chance we will have extra tables if anyone needs one. I anticipate plenty of space for everyone to work.

If you'd like to check out the facility, their website is

While we can accommodate a larger group this year, we still need to work quickly to get the condos filled up and the deposit made. Please let Colette or myself know if you'd like to join us!

Colette and Tanya

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