Monday, November 16, 2009

Mission: Possible!

Well, the big day finally came and went . . .the Scrap for Alexis was BEYOND awesome! Way beyond! I had one of the most hectic, crazy, exhausting, beautiful, exhilerating days that I've had in a good, long time.

Last week I was working SOOOO hard that I didn't post one thing but today I'm making up for it with no less than five posts. This top one is my favorite.

Angie, the coordinator of Scrap for Alexis, really inspired me to think about one of CTMH's product as a challenge to explore. In hostess club last July, Angie was one of the members who made a special page using Flip Flaps. This page was one that I was so very proud of as I could call the idea behind it 100%mine . . . it took me three weeks but I came up with the idea from within myself instead of someone else's blog. Angie told me over and over how she felt Flip Flaps were going to change the way people scrapbook. And finally, one of the times that she said that, I got it. And I realized she was right. And so I designed a series of pages that are interactive. Not all of them use Flip Flaps but they do all use some product that allows you to get many more pictures on your layouts. These pages were inspired from several Close to My Heart consultants including Beckie Lehman, Tresa Black, and Kelly English-Triggs.

Please excuse the photo quality as, by nature, these pages have to stay in their page protectors in order to accomodate the Flip Flaps and other products that make them interactive.

Here is my original "This is the Life" page. On the left hand side you can see that I have 8 Flip Flaps staggered so that when flat, the make a palm tree. These are all spaced exactly 3/4" apart so that I knew how much of each image had to be peeking out of each Flip Flap. The Flip Flaps are all connected directly to the page protectors and secured with brads to ensure they don't fall off over time. The layout underneath hold 4 pictures as well and can still slide in and out of the page protector.

This next page is incomplete . . . I want to add a second page for journalling the story behind the ultrasounds. But since this is the interactive side of the layout, I'm still sharing it today. On the bottom left hand side you can see a group of small 3 x 3 page proctors. These are the guts of a mini-album whose cover has been ripped off and, sadly, disposed of. But my friend Debbie had so many tiny little ultrasound pictures and needed a way to display them and this just seemed like the perfect solution. This idea was taken from my friend Beckie Lehman, who originally used it a few years back to showcase some pictures of her kids at the zoo.

This next page contains two types of interaction. On the first side you'll find Flip Flaps used as they were intended. On the second page, however, I used a 9 x 9 page protector and attached it to the back of the layout to create space for more photos and journalling underneath. This idea is straight out of the playbook of Tresa Black.

Finally, this last layout uses a product made by Close to My Heart called True Fit Folio. This product is essentially a 12 x 12 file folder. This folder is perfect for showcasing your child's school year as I have done here. The True Fit Folios were originally intended to be slipped into a page protector and to hold artwork and important papers inside of the page protector. However, I flipped my page protector upside down and inserted the back of the file folder into the page protector so the front flap still moves. I then cut off the holes on another page protector and slid that on top of the top flap of the file folder, allowing it to be interactive within your album. I saw this idea a few years back and I believe it was done by Kelly English-Triggs.

If you've enjoyed these pages, please keep scrolling through older posts as I have two more interactive pages listed under the posts "December Hostess Club" and "Very Merry Indeed".
I hope you've enjoyed this small collection of interactive page ideas. I've got several more ideas that I'm quite eager to work on just as soon as I have a little free time.

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