Friday, October 9, 2009

I have to admit that unless I'm headed off for a retreat, I don't often get personal pages made for my kids. Don't get me wrong, I use hostess club pages for them so they get all the major holidays and more, but I don't often get to make pages special for them. Recently, however, I had a little extra time and scrapped some photos I had taken this summer. I really loved these pics and spent more money on a photo session than I ever had in my life! Wanna talk about an expensive layout?
Next up is a page I can't take credit for designing; we made it at our CTMH Regional Celebration. I loved the details, however, and thought I would share. It was the perfect page to highlight Anna's adventures as she explored the world, and every high place in it, this past summer.

I had one more that I wanted to share but the software isn't cooperating with me this morning. But, one of the goals of having a blog is to encourage myself to do more personal artwork. So, check back often . . . I should be updating every few days!


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  1. The page of your kids is GREAT! Just love the colors and the simplicity of the layout. The rounded corners of the photos really is a nice touch on the page, and without photo mounts it just looks so "clean."