Thursday, July 15, 2010

Upcoming August Workshops

Hello friends! I know it's been a long time since I've posted (been on a bit of a hiatus) and when I finally did get around to posting tonight you'll find it's a lot of repeats. However it's time for our ladies (and Jim) to start picking out their projects for August if they haven't done so already and putting them all together in one post seems the easiest for them..

Remember that August starts our new club format and is centered mostly around the three layouts we'll offer each month, one by myself and the other two by Colette and Marla. Typically.
Here are the choices:

Happy Campers

You're Sweet:

And (2) 1 page layouts that will be $3 each instead of the $6 per 2 page layout.

Beachy Keen:

And, finally, Yummy:

Additionally, our workshop this month was created by Marla and is a Moon Doggie 9x9 accordian vacation album. So cute!!!!

And, last but not least is the 5 card workshop for the month. These cards were created by Colette . . . wait, hold the boat! I think you should all know that these beautiful cards were actually created by Colette's sister, Caryn, even though she's too shy to admit it :) Thanks for your services this month, Caryn! I hope we see you as a guest designer again soon!

Finally, Calendar Club will, of course, be offered as well but isn't completely done yet. That's my contribution this month and I've been busy relaxing and vacationing and conventioning in D.C.

I hope to see many of you readers at our Work Day on August 7th. Remember, there is no longer any type of a committment involved with these project days. You simply purchase the projects you'd like to complete and sign up for the next month if you're interested.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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