Friday, July 30, 2010

A few new cards!

This week I created new cards for both a celebration and a tragedy. This first card was in honor of my Mother and Father-in-laws' 35th anniversary. I used the "Treasure Life" stamp set along with the colors Ponderosa Pine, Pansy Purple, Petal, and Amethyst. To get the watercolored feel to the flowers, I used markers to color them using all three purple colors. Together it gave a very mottled and very cool effect. I have every intention of teaching this class at September's card workshop.

This second card was for the sad occasion. This week some friends of mine had their not-quite-adopted baby girl taken back from them just minutes before the adoption was finalized. After three months of loving this child they were sure would be theirs forever, the birthmother changed her mind and broke their hearts.

While this card was created for them, I'd love to teach this one in September as well. The sentiment, from the book "I'll Love You Forever", is appropriate for joyful occasions as well.


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