Monday, November 30, 2009

You Rock!

Oftentimes, scrapbookers find inspiration in everyday items. This summer my 7 year old son and a few of his neighborhood friends decided to start a garage band. One of the boys had a drum set, one a guitar, and the rest were all vocalists. Of course, they were terrible!!! They called themselves "The Punishers". I flustered them one day by asking them who were they punishing? Was it the people listening to them?

When back-to-school shopping in August, I found a shirt for Evan that made me smile as I remembered their little band. Add in the fact that I've had the "You Rock" stamp set from Close to My Heart for a pretty long time now and, although I love it, I hadn't done anything with it yet. While folding the shirt in the laundry one day, it suddenly dawned on me that I could make a pretty cool layout for their band, using the stamp set I'd been holding on to and the shirt for color inspiration. What do you think?

I went heavy on the blues and light on the orange. I also had only cardstock to use so I couldn't get a lot of the great background writing or flourishes like I had wanted. And, most importantly, it had to be reproducable 60+ times as I wanted to use this as a January Hostess Club selection.

There are some neat details on here that are hard to see, such as the actual strings on the guitar handle and brads for the tuning knobs. I've also got many of the stamped decorations stapled on to the page to give it a grunge feel. And although I would have liked something a little edgier, I'm hoping this tamed down page will be one that will be useful for many Hostess Club members.
Now comes the real question . . . do I make a girly version using pinks and greens with the brown? I love the idea but do I have them time? Stay tuned!

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