Monday, October 26, 2009

Very Merry Indeed!

When it rains, it pours! I've been working soooo hard on getting ready for the Scrap for Alexis fundraiser that I had no less than 3 new artworks posts for you today! This page was designed for a class that my friend Angie asked me to teach at the fundraiser next month. She really wanted a class on Flip Flaps, which I was happy to oblige on, but she also strongly suggested a page for Christmas with the new Jingle papers. I'm sad to say I'm already getting sick of those papers! Between Hostess Club, Christmas Card workshop, Calendar Club, Workshop on the Go, etc . . . I've had my fill. But, somehow, I managed to find a little bit of inspiration for one last layout this season.

I have to admit something to you all . . . I'm very nervous about whether or not people are going to like this enough to pay to make it! When I showed my husband, his response was that it didn't do much for him . . . not Christmas-y enough.

It was important to me to keep it simple for beginners and quick for those who want to get back to their seats to keep working. While the colors may not scream "Christmas", the upside is that the title could easily be changed and this could work for a birthday, as well! In fact, my plan is to give all the participants a sheet of Color Ready Alphabets so they can make the title absolutely anything they'd like.

So, here's the interactive part with the Flip Flaps. Under each "gift" is room for (4) 4 x 6 photos.

So, here's to hoping someone likes it enough to pay for the class!
Until next time,

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