Tuesday, October 12, 2010

An interactive page for Nikki's Home Gathering

I created this page for Nikki's home show last weekend but am planning to multi-purpose a non-interactive version for our upcoming Baby Milestone workshop.

This page is entitled "Best Buds" and I thought it would be absolutely adorable as a sibling page or cousins or a child with pet. Or, even to celebrate grown-up best friends! I used the You Rock paper packet (which is retiring at the end of the year, much to my everlasting dismay!!!) The layout is from the new Magic Interactive book. I actually added two interactive elements to it.

The first is this file folder-style photo mat. To get the look we folded an 8" x 6" piece of cardstock in half to 4" x 6". We attached the bottom of the folded cardstock to the layout and let the other half flap open. We then inserted the page into the page protector and cut around the file folder to allow viewer to open the flap.

This second page, which I gave to Nikki as a gift for hosting, is also interactive. It features a vertical 6 photo storage page cut in half and then accordian folded to hold 6 photos (3 on each side). I then attached the storage page to the page protector with brads and added a photo clip to help keep the accodian fold in place until you're ready to view the pictures.

As I mentioned earlier, this page will come back as a sibling page in the Baby Milestone workshop, which we plan to unviel SOON! In the workshop it will be non-interactive but you can easily add these elements yourself.


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