Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It's a Zoo around here! Another interactive page . . .

I know this layout has a lot of glare because of the page protectors but it's the nature of the beast with interactive layouts. So, here's my latest:

"It's a Zoo Around Here" was designed for a consultant creative day in my unit on Saturday and my assignment was to create a page using the new A-door-ables. Since I love interactive pages, I really enjoyed creating this page. Under each of those flaps is either a little zoo animal or a spot to put a picture from your trip to the zoo. To create the flaps in the page protectors to make the A-door-ables usable, I lightly traced around each A-door-able with a craft knife to cut through the protector. I then used ribbon and a brad to make a tab to lift each flap.

Here are a few close-ups . . .

I haven't posted an interactive page in a while so if you like them too and would like to see more, please check out the catagory called "Labels" on the right hand side and look for "Interactive Pages".

Thanks for looking!

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