Monday, April 26, 2010

Happy Campers!

When I was little my family and I often camped with a group of my parents friends from church. They informally thought of themselves as the "Happy Campers". That little tidbit has always stood out in my memories and so it was no big surprise that it came to mind when titling a recent camping layout.

I originally designed this layout for June Hostess Club but upon talking to Colette and discussing her plans for a Father's Day layout for that month, I decided that this was one dark-colored, masculine page too many. So it is now a selection for July.

For this page I used papers from the Back Country Level 2 paper packet along with stamps from Campin' Fever. The colors include Outdoor Denim, New England Ivy, Olive, Crystal Blue, Barn Red, Goldrush, and Autumn Teracotta. Oh, and a little Cocoa ink. I also used some Pewter photo clips and lots of hemp.

For whatever reason I have a very difficult time creating camping pages . . . perhaps it is the masculinity of the colors, which I don't love as much as the bright, floral-y colors and designs. If you have the same problem and need a little inspiration for some old camping photos, I hope you find it here.


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  1. Boy this sure could use some trees and mountains. :)